Discmania Sky Walker - Casey White Signature Series Horizon FD1

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Introducing Casey White's first Signature Series release - Sky Walker!

The Horizon FD1 features a slightly more glide and less overstability than our C-line FD1's. Throw it hard and straight, and you can trust it to fly straight with a reliable finish at the end.

This trusty mold has been leaned on by many as one of the most reliable discs we’ve added to the lineup and the addition of Horizon plastic lends another shot making option to your arsenal.

The plastic gives you a nice grip in hand and looks stunning in different color combinations.

About Horizon plastic: Horizon plastic is an S-Line combo containing two strikingly different color variations. Our experts behind the machines have taken careful measures to make sure each interior and exterior colorway perfectly matches and the artwork to go with it is the cherry on top.